Fast Data Connections

Extend your enterprise data by rapidly connecting to internal and external data streams with Vercela Dynamo™.

Massive & Flexible Storage

Vercela Grid™ combines the flexibility of Hadoop with the power of Amazon Redshift in a high-performance cloud data warehouse.

Real-Time Analytics

Deliver stunning visualizations on streaming data or advanced in-memory analytics with Vercela Pulse™.

The Vercela Cloud Data Platform™


Vercela Pulse

Blending the beauty of d3.js, the versatility of R and the in-memory analytics capabilities of Apache Spark, Vercela Pulse delivers everything from advanced analytics to stunning real-time data visualizations.

Vercela Enterprise Grid

We’ve paired the breathtaking performance of Redshift, Amazon’s column-oriented database service, with our custom Hadoop distribution. Deployed to Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud, Vercela Grid represents the most flexible, fast and secure data platform for your enterprise.

Vercela Dynamo

Leverage high-velocity social and machine data to optimize your marketing and operations. Vercela Dynamo services enable you to quickly connect your existing data warehouse and operational dashboards to Twitter, Web logs, transactional systems and remote sensing technologies.

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